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I want to give a shout out on this page to all the fan e-mail I have received. Thank you so much, all of you really keep me motivated. 

Why do I do pull-ups and how did I get started?

I started trying to do pull-ups ten years ago.  I was feeling lethargic at the age of 41 and needed a new challenge.  I determined the new challenge would be pull-ups.  I went to the gym expecting to knock out 15 or so.  I was sorely mistaken as I completed only one pull-up that day.  I was embarrassed and disappointed and thought about quitting.  But instead of quitting I made a plan.  I decided to keep trying until I could do 10 pull-ups in a row.  The next day I returned to the gym and it turns out, I am not kidding, I asked the meanest, crabbiest, most negative person I have ever met for a spot.  He looked at me and said why do you want to do pull-ups?  The whole thing was a disaster, so I told myself that I would keep doing pull-ups every other day by myself until I could do ten in a row.  I have the journals where I did three and then four and so on. Long story short I did do ten and then by the time I could do 15 and then 20 I realized I was above average at doing pull-ups, and then when I started looking up the pull-up routines for Olympic athletes and mine were more difficult,  I realized that I might be better than almost anyone at doing pull-ups.  If I had quit that day 10 years ago I would not have had the modeling opportunities I have had, the book and radio and television opportunities that I have had, and been featured in THE DAILY MAIL with a readership of 60 MILLION people.

I am 51 Years old and still able to do hours of pull-ups in a training session.  I feel great and will continue to train hard until my body tells me otherwise.