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cwcomments: Good luck in your quest for the world record Crystal.  I know you have the determination to give it a great shot. I've remembered that determination since high school. Greg

cwcomments: You're a true inspiration! I can only do chins up, 5 sets of 5, but I'm trying!  After seeing your video, I cant wait to get to gym tonight more than ever- thank you! Bethaney

cwcomments: You are an amazing woman. You  inspire everyone you come across. I know that you'll beat the world record. love ya! Carlo

cwcomments: Hi Crystal.!  You are an awesome beauty I just cant believe the muscles you have. May god bless you and smile on you and my prayer is you will smash no annihilate that world record. May you so inspire women to be stronger than many guys. Graham

cwcomments: Crystal, Great site! Found this link off BB.com. Good luck with your world record attempt. Andy

cwcomments: Hey Beautiful I found your wonderful website! Such a great woman you are! You always inspire me to do better!  Justin

cwcomments: Great looking and hard working...great combo. Is this hot lady single?  Robert

cwcomments: Knock it out Crystal...You go girl!  Like you, the first time I really tried doing a pull up correctly, I ripped off 2!  I can do a few more now, but I want you to know that you are a true inspiration!  I'm setting a goal of 100 and at 47 years old and 6'3" 185 pounds, I've got some work to do.  Good luck tomorrow and I love your determination!!!  Kelton

I'll end with this quote I heard from Quincy Jones...

"Once the task has just begun
Never leave it till it's done
Be the labor great or small
Do it well or not at all."

cwcomments: Had to check this out..Very impressive resume Crystal. I again wish you the best with all your endeavors including your world record. Thanks again for adding me on BB.com. Press your ABS for adding comments? Fantastic idea !! Lloyd

cwcomments: Very inspiring person!  Great story, great effort, great work, and great results!  Very impressive stuff! Nick

cwcomments: Hi! I saw your pics in bb.com, thanks for your comments about nutrition, seems easy to follow, gonna try... thanks!!   Worch

cwcomments: Hi, i had no idea who you were this morning and now I am a huge fan. I am so glad I stumbled on to you. You are amazing, beautiful, inspiring, sexy and so so nice in your email.  I wish you the best of luck in everything and I will be checking the record books over the next few years.  Have a wonderful day.  Roland


cwcomments: Crystal, you go where the rest of us dream of going.  Keep on charging.  There is no doubt that you will be successful in your quest.  Art

cwcomments: Fantastic, super, you go girl. I like the combination of beauty and strength. Claudine

cwcomments: You are an inspiration.  Thank you.  I want to be present when you reach your goal of at least 345 in 30 minutes.  David

cwcomments: Good job...you will meet your pull up goal next time... you inspire all of us!  Frank

cwcomments: Pull ups are easy....can you swing a golf club?!  Look forward to seeing you in mid-October! Tom

cwcomments: Crystal I just wanted to say I witnessed the pull up contest at Golds and you were amazing. We all thought you had it. Hope you kill it next time.  Jane

cwcomments: Pull ups are my nemesis, and a personal record I try to beat each time I am at the gym. I'm up to 5 unassisted and they are getting much easier. Hope to be able to do them endlessly. Thanks for the inspiration! Brandy

cwcomments: congratulations!!! You are beautiful and a great example for the young community of determination and effort. Im supporting you for your next record break attempt. You have a new fan.  Carlos

cwcomments: Great Job. U are amazing. You are my motivaton. Keep rocken.  Linda

cwcomments: YOU LOOK GREAT!  Jamie

cwcomments: Hey just got a chance to view your website and wow, you look great.  It was nice meeting you at jr cal and hope to see you around the circuit and good luck with the pull ups. Kristie

cwcomments: You are AWEsome Crystal!  Justin

cwcomments: I am so impressed with your dedication. I love to work out and am an aerobics instructor, but I'm no where near your level of fitness.  Working out is fun to me, but you inspire me to be more disciplined in my diet.  Good luck breaking the pull-up record!  Tara

cwcomments: I am now preparing to become a fire fighter and I have to do many pull ups. Crystal you are my motivation!!!.  Best regards from the Canary islands (Spain)
Thank you!!!!  David

cwcomments: Wow thank u Crystal, you motivated me to achieve my dream body.  Benny

cwcomments: Hey Crystal I finally got through to your site good luck with the competition.  Kath

cwcomments: Great web site...and good choice for a charity. Boodog

cwcomments: Crystal, Thanks for being so inspiring!! I can do ten pull ups and chin ups but would love to do as many as you one day. How do you suggest increasing my numbers? I only started working out four years ago and was never athletic before that. My first pull up felt like I was flying and was amazing. Thanks for the advice.  Amy

cwcomments: Never, ever have I seen anything like this..I'm speachless..!  KRISTIN

cwcomments: Crystal.  I can only do 15 pull-ups and it's been frustrating me for 6 months that I can't get more.  You're an inspiration.  Thanks :-)  Keith

cwcomments: Hi Crystal. You are Awesome! I love your competitiveness!!  Sharon

cwcomments: Hey Beautiful I found your wonderful website! Such a great woman you are! You always inspire me to do better!  Justin

cwcomments: You're awesome.  I've been doing pullups for 2 years and have gone from 2-3 to almost 20 in a row (nothing close to you though) - I'll be 40 next April.  You must have amazingly strong bis - how big are your arms?  Is core more involved in a pull up than most people realize?  Keep it up and good luck with breaking the record.  Ben

cwcomments: More videos, more videos!!  You are amazing.  Would love to see you workout - truly inspirational!  Ben

cwcomments: Amazing progress!! I started doing pull-ups last year and was pleased that I went from 0 to doing 3-4 sets of 10 within a few months.  After a shoulder injury I about gave up my goal to do 20.  After seeing what you've been able to do I'm definitely going to get back in there and push for that 20 or even more.  Thank you for showing us what hard work can really do.  Kira